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I have read, understand, and agree to the Affiliate Terms & Conditions. 

I understand that if I am accepted as an Outer Edge Travel LLC Affiliate that I must fill out a W-9 in order to get paid, and failure to do so will result in the non-issuance of payment. 

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Each affiliate is provided with their own unique promo code that is only applicable to you. Incentive to use your promo code is provided by a $50 discount to the customer. 

All affiliates are paid a 10% commission based upon the experience the code was used for. Guests are not required to use the code for the specific trip your pitched to them, therefore the commission rates will vary depending on what they have decided to sign up for. 

Payment Process

In order to pay you as an Affiliate of Outer Edge Travel LLC we must have a valid W-9 form on file. No payments will be issued to you unless we have this form complete and on file. If you choose to promote Outer Edge Travel LLC without completing this form in it's entirety Outer Edge Travel LLC is not responsible for issuing you any commission. The W-9 form will be emailed to you if you are accepted as an affiliate and must be completed and returned via email. If your commissions amount to $600 or more you will be issued a 1099-misc. form for your personal income tax purposes. 



Affiliates act as indirect and direct representatives and ambassadors for Outer Edge Travel LLC. We only accept those who we deem to be in alignment with our mission and values. If we determine that there is misuse or misrepresentation of our name in any form or fashion we will terminate the agreement. If your mission, vision, or actions change and are no longer in alignment with that of Outer Edge Travel LLC we will part ways. 

This is not a binding agreement and you are not an employee of Outer Edge Travel LLC. At any time Outer Edge Travel LLC reserves the right to terminate your affiliate status and deny your access to the Partner Portal. If Outer Edge Travel LLC chooses to terminate this agreement for any reason, this notice will be sent to you in writing via email (a valid email must be on file in your Partner Portal). If you no longer wish to represent Outer Edge Travel LLC as an affiliate you can discontinue this status at any time by informing us in writing via email. The date of the email will be the one used as the termination date and any payments made up until that date using your promo code will result in an issuance of payment to you. 

When it is determined that we are no longer interested in having your represent Outer Edge Travel as an Affiliate we will issue any final payments associated with your account up until the date on the official notice sent by an Outer Edge Travel LLC employee or representative. Disconnect your Partner Portal account. Any use of your promo code within our system from that date forward will NOT result in an issuance of commission payment to you. 

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