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Heidi Knapp

Founder & Lead Guide

Heidi is a born optimist and hardcore realist. She loves diving deep into culture and finding the gems so you can feel well travelled in a shorter amount of time. 

Heidi is the Founder of Outer Edge Travel. Her passion for connection and cultural exploration led her to make travel her life, after a career in Wellness. 

Heidi holds a degree in Wellness Management, acts as a projects consultant, and holds numerous certifications in Yoga. 

She is an outdoor enthusiast with a certification in Wilderness First Aid and is a certified Trail Guide through the state of New York. 

She believes Travel should be accessible to all as tool for transformation and is passionate about paying it forward through our Travel Scholarship program. 

Colin Buell

Guide, Photographer, & Logistical Master

Colin is a seasoned world traveler with an adventurous spirit. He is always looking at life from a different angle and always keen to see things from a different perspective. 

On our Outer Edge expeditions you will most often see him behind the camera, speaking with the locals, and connecting with culture. When he isn't behind the lens you can catch him eating street food with the locals. 

Colin's enthusiasm and appreciation for the arts and architecture is evident in his decades experience as a designer and builder. He is always looking beyond the form into function. Passionately curious, he will having you experiencing the zest of travel life. 


As much as possible, wherever we are in the World we try to keep things local by partnering with local guides, chefs, artisans, and farmers. 

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