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Photography: PERU


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Duration: 7 Days/6 Nights


DATE: October 27-Nov 2, 2019

FROM: $1,298




Hiking, Photography, Videography, Culinary, Historical


7 Days/6 Nights


Luxury Villa

Guide Type:


Activity Level:


Age Minimum:

18 years


Avg. 73° F (low) / 45° F (high), rain some days


11,000-9,000 ft

Do you long for adventure with like minded creative people? Are you a small business owner, amateur photographer/

videographer, or travel blogger? Does creative work resonate with you in such a way that a week-long adventure in the Peruvian Andes feels like just what you need?


Experience Peru with photographer & videographer guides  RachelLizPhotography & A-Frame Digital and OET guides.


Imagine jumping into a group of new found friends to enjoy a travel experience that feels intimate, personalized, and yet gives you enough space to breathe and move. Get out of your head and into your body as you start to experience by doing, ask all of the questions, and feel supported along the way. 

"Think of this as your opportunity to hit pause on all of the You-Tube tutorials and TedTalks, and take the expressway to learning in real time with real people and professionals."​


This trip is for you if you enjoy the creative process of life. Appreciate learning in an interactive & laid back setting, where you can focus on storytelling through travel & portrait photo and video. 

Activities, are tailored and paced to align with the photo/video experience. Hands on settings help, lighting & composition suggestions will be offered while capturing timeless scenes and subjects. Join in creative process conversations and cozy up near the nightly fire for evening editing, coloring, post processing discussions.

Every detail in our retreat focuses on our commitment to the local community, to experiencing culture, with the spirit of adventure. Rest well throughout your stay in a plush cozy bed where you only need to wander into the kitchen to be greeted with a smile and warm breakfast made by Marta. Our beautiful villa provides ample space for secluded reading and central gathering spaces for a family feel.

Step off of the beaten path to genuinely connect with local villagers, and take in the beautiful scenery not captured on all of the tourist postcards. Our immersive style gets you as close to local living without having to move in with them. Which means at the end of the day you will enjoy a hot shower with water pressure, not commonly experienced in the region.

Tucked into a quiet spot of town yet close enough to the markets you will have space to wander around secluded gardens and the option of venturing into town. Your guides Heidi and Colin have an intimate knowledge of the region and can guide you every step of the way. Whether you prefer their company exploring the town, or grabbing a map and venturing on your own, the option is yours.


We believe in supporting the locals, so we work directly with our guides in Peru to ensure they are supported and you are provided an authentic experience. We understand the dark side of tourism and do our best to do what we find to be the most sustainable. When we set out into the villages we do so to stand in solidarity with them and provide direct financial support, rather than exploit their culture, heritage, and craft. We are constantly asking questions on how we can work together to answer their needs while creating unforgettable experiences.



Experience Peru with a group of like minded individuals alongside professional photographer & videographer guides RachelLizPhotography & A-Frame Digital.

Learn in an interactive & laid back setting

 Focus on storytelling through travel & portrait photo and video

Understand basic camera capabilities for photo & video